Avery’s Birthday

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This will be the first post on the new blog. I have found that blogger is easier (and cuter) than wordpress, so I will be blogging here from now on. On Saturday the 19th, Avery celebrated her first birthday! This first year with her has gone by so fast! Here are all the awesome things my one year old can do: walk (she started walking at about 10 months), sign the sign’s for “more” and “thank you”, although she never signs thank you at the appropriate time, only at random times like in the bathtub, can pat her head when you ask her where her head is, roll her eyes at me, eat an entire corndog by herself, smile a lot and sometimes sleep through the night. Ok, not too impressive, but I love her! On her birthday we had pink pancakes for breakfast. We went to Maceys to get balloons and I let her have a sucker that the cashiers give to kids for the first time, because it was her birthday. That night some family came over and we had pink and white cupcakes. She got a bunch of cute new outfits and lots of attention. Savanna even put on her unicorn costume for Avery, she loves it and giggles and hugs unicorn Savanna whenever she has it on, so cute! She is a sweety and I am excited for this fun age she is entering in to. Happy Birthday Avery!

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