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Memorial Day Activities

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It’s been too long now. Woe is me, or something.

As a treat to make up for my laziness and slackitude, here are some fun pictures of myself and Burke and his brother Danny and their father Dave all out to the west of Utah Lake on Memorial Day 2008 shooting a veritable arsenal of Danny and Dave’s guns.

Here’s Burke with Danny’s Glock .45

He's got a gun. Run!

Burke again, loaded for bear or possibly terrorists.

He's got a gun. Run!

Jon with Dave’s ridiculously tiny .357, a very cool gun but it hurts to shoot!

He's got a gun. Run!

Jon yelling something about Danny’s sweet AK-47 with extra magazines attached.He's got a gun. Run!

Danny about to shoot his AK-47. He was amazingly accurate with this thing.

He's got a gun. Run!

The boys getting ready to let loose.

He's got a gun. Run!

And finally, a video of me shooting the AK-47. Bullets for this thing are spending or I would have shot it a lot more.

Dave gets in on the action with a few rounds from his Ruger .22 (I think) and Danny has a .22 rifle in the background. All in all, a very fun day. Afterwards we had some ribs and other yummy food and wasted some time talking and hanging out at the house.