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Pumpkin Party!

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For my mom’s birthday we had a pumpkin carving party! Halloween was always a big deal at our house growing up. My mom decorated the yard super scary like and she always dressed up and took us trick-or-treating, and we always carved pumpkins! So what better way to celebrate my Moms’ October birthday then to carve pumpkins! We had a great time. My brother Charles brought his new puppy Asher (Trish was out of town), and of course, my mom came. We had pizza and treats and pumpkin birthday cake. The kids had so much fun. They love grandma and Uncle Charles and the newest family member, Asher. It got a little loud and crazy, but that’s pretty normal around here. Happy Birthday Mom!

The Benefit of Blogging

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Friday around lunch time I noticed at package on my front step. We get packages quite often, usually it’s something for the business. James said he wasn’t expecting anything and I knew I hadn’t ordered anything so my first thought was it was something delivered to us accidentally. I picked up the box and saw that it was to Chevon Bayless from A. Bayless in PA! A package from my sister-in-law Amanda to me! Amanda is a notoriously great gift giver. She is one of the most thoughtful people when it comes to gift giving. She sends my kids birthday and Christmas gifts, she sent matching dresses for the girls when Avery was born. She sent my mother-in-law this awesome strawberry slicer and when I e-mailed her to see where she bought it, she sent me one too! One of my favorite sweaters was from her! She always remembers everyone’s everything. So getting a package from her was exciting! Inside the box was some chocolate’s, slippers, a CD, a magazine, a recipe book, popcorn, a cute tote bag, and the above note. I read the note and started to cry. As I mentioned in my previous post, things have been rough lately. It meant so much to me that someone was thinking of me and, as silly as it might sound, it’s means a lot to me that people actually read this blog. I have always loved writing and blogging is such a convenient way to put my thoughts into words. I now know of two people who live out of my state that read my blog! Granted, they are both relatives, but still! I want to say thank you to Amanda, you are wonderful! I have been inspired by you to be more thoughtful and remember the people around me and what they might be going through. I really wish you lived closer so I could see you and your family more often. Us Bayless daughter-in-laws got to stick together, it’s been rough out there for us lately! Thank you for reading and remembering me, I hope to see you soon!

When It Rains It Pours…And Then Snows

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Why is it that this expression is so true? Doesn’t it always happen like that? One thing goes wrong then a hundred come behind it? This seems to be our life lately. One thing after another. James has had so much stress at work with one job on top of another, he barely gets any sleep. My Aunt passed away. I had to go to the Emergency Room with an injured arm. The fuel pump in the truck went out. James cut his arm at work,but thankfully our nurse neighbor came and sealed up the cut so we didn’t have to go the ER again. Our lovely tenant in Orem is, well, GRRR! Miles got lost at James’ brothers wedding (we found him). I have had a cold for hmm, about a month. It’s SNOWING! And to top it all off my Netflix Instant Streaming to my TV won’t work! Ok, so maybe if you piece it all apart, it’s not so much. However, considering the fact that all of this happened in a weeks time, it’s tough. That’s why I’m sitting here blogging and eating a huge piece of leftover wedding cake. At least the sun came out for the wedding, it really was beautiful. Everyone looked so nice dressed up. By the end of the night Miles’ tux looked as though it had been to war and all three of them were covered in cake, but this picture was taken before all that. Even though things get tough and stay tough sometimes I am grateful for what I have, my husband and my three cuties.

When It Rains

St. George Temple

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Last week (September 20-23rd) Andy and I went to St. George for 3 days. He had a conference to go to, so I would spend the day at the pool reading a book. On that Thursday, we had the opportunity to go to the St. George Temple. I had never been there before. We did a session and then we wandered the grounds taking pictures. We also went inside the visitors center. We learned about the process of building the temple. Then we got to watch a new church video of Heavenly Father’s Plan. It was a really good video. It made me think about how lucky I am to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…the true church, and that I’m lucky to be sealed to my family and especially my husband. I know that we will be together for eternity as long as we keep our covenants. This is my goal!