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New look

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So here’s the new look for It’s the Fluid Blue theme. I have to get a couple of bits and pieces working, but for now I think it looks pretty good.

Chevon’s Blog

Chevon has just barely started up her blog at Here posts are also showing up in the All in the Family section at right.

Just helping Daddy

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Ok so I do have something to write about. James has been working on finishing the bathroom in our basement. He had all the drywall tools in a bucket of water to clean them and they still had drywall compound all over them. Savanna saw this as an opportunity for fun! I think James was putting music on his Ipod and I was feeding Miles so Savanna was free to wander and make a huge mess! It’s pretty cute don’t you think?

I have a blog!

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Hi everyone! Now that I have a forum to brag about my kids, life, etc. I don’t really know what to write! I guess I will just start by putting a picture of my cute kids on here and say that I am a very lucky girl to have such a great family!

What? Just… What?

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OK… I like it. But what is it?

Just click on it if you want it to fill your browser window with full screen weirdness. The music is awesome.

Miles, Brendan and Nana

Do blogs have 9 lives like cats?

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Once again it has been too long since I posted anything here and I will again promise to update more frequently. Today I reconnected with a very old friend who I hadn’t spoken to in about 10 years. I gave her the address of the site so I figured I had to mention her in a post so she’d be mortified when she visited. Mission accomplished.

I think I need to change the look of This old theme is awfully busy, which reflects the design trend at the time of the site’s beginngins. So, I hereby begin the search for a new theme that’ll be a little cleaner and nicer to look at. Out.