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Let’s blog today!

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Ok, I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I wanted to. I guess life has been pretty busy. I exercise every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at the church, go running every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (5k and 10k training!), pre-school, feeding kids, changing diapers, playing, and cleaning up all the mess. I guess that keeps me busy enough, but mostly I draw a blank when I think of blogging, what to write about? Last week I got to go with Savanna’s pre-school class to the Bean Museum for a field trip. We also went to the Paleontology Museum at BYU which I didn’t even know existed, so that was fun. There were lots of mom helpers so Savanna and I kind of just hung out together. She really liked the big butterfly made up of lots of little butterfly’s. I know, I know, my life is full of such exciting events as this.
Last Friday James was able to be home in the evening and wanted to do something fun with the kids. We talked about what we could do and finally decided to go to dinner and then to Toys R Us and let the kids pick out a new toy. After eating at Migo’s (Taco Amigo) we spent almost two hours at the toy store. It took the kids forever and a day to pick out a toy, mostly because there are 502 million toys there. What they really wanted to do was sit on all the Power Wheel cars and pretend to drive them. In the end James and I had to help them out, we decided on roller skates for Savanna, a Geo Tracks bridge for Miles’ train set and a sparkly ball for Avery. We got home after 9 and James set up the train set and Savanna skated in the kitchen before bed. The next day I had to go to Maceys to get diapers and the kids were whining and just being naughty. I kept threatening to take the new toys away. I asked them if yesterday was Christmas, no they said. Was it either of your birthdays? No. Ok, so why did you get a new toy? The answer I was hoping for was because Dad loves us and is so nice to us so we need to behave better. But the answer I got was from Savanna, because we couldn’t think of anything else to do!
Thank you for reading my random post and looking at random pics, giant lollipops Charles and Trish brought back from Disneyland! Not sure why I didn’t get one of Savanna, but I put another pretty one of her!

Spring and Spaghetti!

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Ahh! Is it finally here? Spring? Although today out my window it is terrible gloomy and threatening to rain, spring is coming! It is something that, as moms, we cannot wait for because spring means getting out of our crowded house, and it also means that wonderful summer is coming right up. Last week we had three glorious days of sunshine in a row and we spent each one of them at the park. The kids were so happy to be outside, Miles did not stop running the entire time! Avery ran all over too, trying to keep up with her big brother and sister. I know that in the middle of April when my yard is covered in snow after one of those wonderful Utah spring storms, I will not be so happy, but for now, I am!
And now for the spaghetti. The kids love spaghetti and it is such and easy meal to make. However, not so easy to clean up!

Making Crayons

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Over a month ago, Andy and I made heart crayons for my students. I gave them each one for Valentines Day. It turned out to be a fun date, and the crayons were pretty simple to make.
1. Break up old dull or broken crayons into small pieces.
2. Place them into a mold in any design you would like.
3. Put them in the oven @ 300 degrees for about 10 minutes or until melted.

4. Take them out of the oven and put them into the freezer to cool for 5-10 minutes.
5. Take them out on a soft surface. You don’t want to dump them on the counter, or they might break.
Now you have multi-colored crayons in a fun new shape. My students loved them. I think one of my students hugged me 5 times that day while thanking me for his new crayon.

The heart on the right kind of looked like a real heart with veins, so I gave that one to the pharmacist…Andy.

MYchapter books

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I have chapter books.Here is some.
I have The magic School Bus books.
I have Dave Pilky books.
I have Magic Tree House books.
I have Horible Harry.
The most books I

have are
Magic Tree House.
Captin Underpants seris
Bath is my faverite

My Teacher

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My teacher’s name is Sister Thorley. Not at school but at church.
She is the BEST teacher in church.At the end of class each day she gives the class gummy bears,Ring Pops,or anything that is
sweet. But one day I asked if our class could only eat healthy foods at the end of class from now on.
The first day of healthy foods Sister Thorley asked what I wanted.I said carrots I love carrots.
The next week we had carrots. Next I wanted apples.The next
week I did not get apples I got oranges Sister Thorley told me that her mom told her no.
I love my teacher!!!!

Little Treasures

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Ok, originally I wanted to do two blog’s. One for all the family events and cute pics of my kids, and one to chronicle the ever changing job of being a mom and the thoughts and ideas I have on this subject. But, because I am busy being right in the middle of the mom job, I don’t have time and/or space in my mind to remember two blogs, so this is my mega insightful mothering thoughts/brag about my cute kids blog. This post will be a mommy thought.
One thing I say a lot is this- even on my worst day, I love being a mom. A thought occurred to me once that while I was stressed, ornery, extremely sleep deprived, tired of counting to three, and covered in stretch marks, this is exactly what I always wanted. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a mom. I would play mommy all the time, taking care of my baby dolls and once my mom helped me make a bag of rice into a baby (it was heavy like a real baby and the crinkly noise the bag made reminded me of a diaper ). I went through a phase in my late teens where I wanted to be a business women and keep my own last name, but that was short lived. When I got married I began to pray that James and I would be able to have children, that it would come easily for us and we wouldn’t run into complications. Boy, that was one prayer that was definitely answered! The point is, I love my kids, I love being a mom, and now that they are growing up so fast I am making a real effort to treasure them and the moments I have with them. Some days when I wish they would just play by themselves so I can get something done I try really hard to think of this: someday this situation will be reversed and I will be begging them to play with me.