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Savanna’s 4th Birthday!

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I can’t believe my baby is 4! We had a small birthday party with family. Savanna had been talking about a pinata for months so we did that, had cake and ice cream and let her be the center of attention, which is actually not out of the ordinary for her! Four years ago my life changed in a way that only having a baby can do. She is my joy and I love her so much.


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the books i make ar CAPTIN SAMUEL and other wones too my sooper hero i love


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This year my goal was to have a stress free holiday season, and I am happy to say, we made it work! We set a very small budget for James and I and the kids, and instead of buying gifts for every family member and friend we know, our family decided to do service. We made meals for The Food and Care Coalition, tied a quilt for the Womens Crisis Center and adopted an angel from the Angel Tree.  We stayed close to home and even had tater tot casserole for Christmas dinner, making everything as simple as possible. After doing this I will never do Christmas another way again. It was so peaceful and calm and James and I got to enjoy being with each other and the kids, it was wonderful. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our savior, nothing more, nothing less, this is how I want it to always be.

New Years 2009 (as in 12 months ago)

Our Whole Family

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Getting a family picture is a little tougher now than it used to be.  Brendan wants to cry every time you make him sit still for a photo.  Jonathan can’t help but look like a walking zombie…and Marissa sometimes doesn’t look at the camera.  Adam and I try to smile through it all and take it in stride.  Amazingly enough…this was only the fourth picture we took this morning to get one that worked.  As soon as this one was snapped, the second battery for the camera died.  Of course, we did have to turn on the movie Cars on the laptop and set it behind the camera to get Brendan to look in the right direction…but, whatcha gonna do?


in camp out

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dad was painting my room
and i could in`t sleep in my

Jonathan’s Huge Bionicle

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For Christmas, Nana gave Jonathan a kit to make a bionicle riding a huge ship.  It took Jonathan three days to put it together, but he had a great time doing it.  He wanted me to post pictures of it so that Nana could see the finished product.


the wolevereyn comes to brake your cran

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we wer e at perks restrentront after we orderd

me and mom playd tic tac toe mom was trying so
hard that she broke her Own cryn
and dad made a big joke about it
the woleveren comes to brake your cryn

we all lahft


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at the days befor chrismis owr chrismis tree
it din`t hav eney space under owr tree
it was /

i went to the dentist 2 times this month

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i wint to the dentist not just going there i wint there 2 times ` in deceber 18th
and the year was 2009 and last of all and the day friday the frirst
they chekt my teeth 2nd was a pit in my teeth it was almost a cavity that was
close of corse hav fun brushing your teeth get those verey yucky teeth clean