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Feeding the Ducks

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We took the kids down to BYU to feed the ducks.  Those ducks must be so overfed.  Brendan kept running around saying, “quack, quack!” and throwing bread at the birds.  We saw several groups of baby birds and I brought treats for everyone to eat after the ducks had their treat.  It was a fun afternoon.



Fourth of July at Grandpa’s

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The year brought another 4th of July (as it always does) and the family gathered in Grandpa’s backyard to slide on the waterslide, hang out in the hammock, throw rocks in the stream, eat good food and visit with friends.




Jonathan’s Nickel City Birthday Party

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Jonathan invited a few friends and cousins (who are also his friends) to come to Nickel City with him and celebrate his 10th birthday.  They played video games (Jonathan’s FAVORITE past time), ate pizza, played laser tag and opened presents.  They had a great time.




Memorial Day

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Every year we go and visit my father’s grave.  He passed away when I was fifteen years old due to a heart attack.  Every year it seems strange that another year has passed without my father in my life.


Thomas the Tank Engine

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This summer we went to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Heber.  Brendan thought it was amazing.  The kids got free balloons, they ran around in bubbles, watched the expensive train go by, and rode in a free little train car past the expensive train.  All in all it was a fun event.



Summer So Far

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I wanted to update the blog with some of the fun stuff we have done this summer. On Memorial Day we went to Heber to see Thomas the Train. Miles was so excited to see him and Grandma stayed with Avery while I took Savanna and Miles on the 20 min train ride. It was really fun, it went very slow so the kids could put their heads out the windows. We didn’t see much scenery, just some fields and people’s backyards, but it was neat to ride the old train.

The next week we went to Lagoon. I didn’t bring my camera but we had a blast! Savanna is a very brave little one, having fun on some rides that I thought would freak her out! Miles had a good time too, Charles and Trish came along and took them on the Terror Ride for the first ride of the day. I thought Miles would get scared but Trish said he just jumped a bit at the loud noises and looked around with wide eyes.

We have also been swimming a few times this year. I was curious to see how Miles would do in the water, last year was just learning to walk so he mostly just sat in the pool when we went. He is doing great! It took him a little while to get his feet wet (pun) but now he can keep up with Savanna and they both have so much fun together.

James came home from work one day and needed to change some sprinkler heads and in the process of doing so made some mud, which he decided to splat on Miles. They had a great time with their mud fight. Savanna stayed pretty clean but Miles was caked!

On the 4th, or I mean 3rd of July, we got up early to go do our traditional Independence Day morning of  watching the balloon launch and having breakfast at the park. We were let down though because a cold front came through and it was too cold and windy to launch the balloons! We had breakfast at the park, then spent the rest of the day at home (James put in a new swamp cooler!) before going to the Bayless’ for a bbq and fireworks. I made a festive cake and it was good!

For the last couple of years James has done a backyard camp out with the kids, I have always been either pregnant or had a new baby so I have slept inside, but the kids love it! The first thing Savanna said when she woke up that morning was “Mom today is the camp out!” Then she went in the backyard and set up chairs around the fire place! When James got home from work we had dinner and then when James went to set up the tent we noticed mold growing all over it from a paper plate of smores left in it from last year! So James ran and bought a new tent, set it up and then built the fire and we had smores. James said it took them awhile to settle down to sleep. Miles just thought it was a game, he would lay down for a minute then get up and say “Morning!” It took some time for him to realize that he was actually going to sleep out there, but he finally did and they all spent the whole night in the tent.

We have had a busy, fun summer so far.