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Tales of A Sleep Walker

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Because this blog is a way for me to capture my family memories I really wanted to write about Savanna’s sleep walking. I want her to someday read about the silly things she does that she never remembers in the morning. Savanna has been sleep walking for awhile now, it comes and goes in frequency but for that last few weeks it’s been almost a nightly event. It always happens about an hour or two after she goes to bed, so James and I are usually still awake to witness it, and keep her safe. The first time she sleep walked James was working late so I was home alone. This was kind of freaky. She walked into my bedroom with this strange look on her face. We now are able to identify this glossy eyed look and know she is not fully awake. However, the first time she did it I had no idea what was happening. I asked her if she needed to go potty and she just stared and me with glossed over eyes and a huge goofy grin. I kept asking her what she needed and she just kept smiling at me, then started giggling and darting her eyes around the room. The giggle got louder and she never said a word. If I asked her if she was okay she would nod her head and keep giggling. It was so weird! It definitely freaked me out. I let her lay down in bed with me until she stopped laughing and I could tell by the look on her face that she had woken up and was conscious of what was going on. Sometimes she will wake up and come out of it but usually we just take her to the bathroom and put her back in bed. It always starts like that, she gets up, has that strange look and is giggling. She always goes pee, I think that is what gets her up, her need to potty, but she never fully wakes up. Mostly that’s all it is but there have been a few exceptions. One time she wandered into my bedroom, pulled down her pants and undies and started to squat, I hurried and grabbed her and set her on the potty. Sometimes she grasps at the ground like she is trying to pick something up. One time she was reaching into Avery’s crib trying to grab something and saying “I just want a pickle, give me the pickle!” Probably the worst time was when she climbed into Avery’s crib! I heard Avery start crying, then Savanna joined in. When I went in their room Savanna was in with Avery and kept saying “I don’t know! I don’t know!” Thankfully she has never gotten hurt or tried to go outside or anything like that. Like I said, it almost always happens when James and I are still awake and can take care of it, and have a good laugh. Needless to say, we have decided against bunk-beds.

Butt Munch Birthday!

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Ok, so I really did hesitate when deciding what to title this post. Butt Munch? How wildly inappropriate! However rude it may be, it’s a befitting title. Despite my efforts to be a good mother and shield my children from the awful things of this world, Avery loves Sponge Bob Squarepants. It all started when I went out somewhere leaving the kids with James and it was discovered that all the seasons of Sponge Bob are on Netflix. For whatever reason, Avery fell in love! The inappropriate part is the way she says Sponge Bob: Butt Munch. I don’t know why, that doesn’t really sound anything like Sponge Bob but that’s how it sounds coming out of her mouth, Butt Munch! So for her 2nd birthday we had a party, Butt Munch style. I made the cake and was pretty proud, it started out looking like Bart Simpson but with a little more work, we had a Butt Munch cake. Grandma gave her the Butt Munch t-shirt and stuffed doll. Auntie Trish made her a very snugly Butt Munch blanket, Ave’s two favorite things: Butt Munch and manky’s. She had Butt Munch balloons and plates, got a Butt Munch DVD and was soooo happy! We also had a birthday dinner at Nana’s (I didn’t get any pictures) where she got Butt Munch pj’s! She also got spoiled rotten by her cousins and Aunts and Uncles, the family was very generous, Thank You! It makes me very sad that my baby is 2. She is such a sweetie, loves to snuggle and hug and say I love you. She is so smart and talks up a storm. She has a very loud voice when she needs to be heard above the din of her big brother and sister. She’s a bit demanding and possessive, MINE!! But she is so much fun and at such a fun age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY V! Challenge: count how many times I typed Butt Munch!

Now Thats Romantic

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Valentines day began with my sweet Savanna bringing James and I cards she made while we were still in bed. I gave the kids their valentines, heart shaped suckers and a box of conversation hearts. They were so excited to have a treat and we all sat in our bed eating treats and saying “Happy Valentines Day!” and “I love you!” over and over again. I’m planning on making heart shaped grilled cheese for lunch and going to Savanna’s school to help with the Valentine’s party. Sounds like a fun day to me!
I wanted to mention how romantic my wonderful husband is. This year I did not get 3 dozen roses or perfume or jewelry as was typical when we were dating. This year and for the past 6 years now I have gotten the gift of being a stay at home mom. Being able to raise my children myself, not having to carry the financial burden of supporting them. I have a warm, comfortable home, a nice dependable car, all the food and clothes I need. I have kitchen cabinets, tile floors, pretty furniture, all that James built. My children have all those things too, plus so much more. James spent all day everyday for almost three weeks finishing our basement. I have a gorgeous, comfortable family room that we can all enjoy together. I have an extremely good life and a wonderful man to share it with. He is my best friend and an awesome father. All those things he does for me and our kids are the most romantic thing I could ever think of, I love you James!