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Friends Reunited

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Today was such a treat for us. After what seemed like an entire summer, Sam and Zoe finally had another playdate together; and Lori and I got to catch up on life. I was curious to see how the kids would react to eachother after the long absence. The pictures pretty much tell the story. In addition to the great company, it was another perfect fall day. Don’t these pictures make you want to be a kid again? Sam and Zoe are both playing soccer this season. As you can tell, they both take it very seriously. Whatever is going on; Benjamin wants to be in the middle of it A goodbye kiss For Jenamin 🙂

Playing catch up

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Here are some pics from the past couple months. Sam’s first day of Pre-K

My hydrangea in full bloom (this was taken in August and they still look great) Sam’s favorite chore is watering the plants. Sam’s least favorite chore?
Picking up after himself.

Sam feeding Stella Bella Bear (our neighbor’s albino rat)

Before Benjamin became a pro walker Benjamin receiving a lesson in proper toy operation. Jordan took these pictures on a camping trip with the scouts in the Poconos. There was something like 50 waterfalls on their hikeYikes!Must reach those cookies….. Victorious!

Legoland 3

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Legoland with the twins.

Kids. Chaos. Fun.

Whut? Awesome




Choo Choo

Seemed like a good idea at the time

William’s Homecoming

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More from my trip to California that was umm…almost 2 months ago!

Of course the highlight of my visit was getting to welcome William home from his mission in Russia. I missed Charles and James’ homecomings from Australia and Maryland and when Gary got home from Guam, I barely got to say hello before moving to Utah. So it was a treat to be able to be with them for our baby brother’s homecoming. William was greeted at the airport by the entire family, including 4 nieces and nephews he had never met.

The plan was then to meet up at a Mexican restaurant nearby. But I decided to sabotage the whole event by getting lost, having no cellphone and losing my parking stub to get out of the blasted airport parking lot! Word to the wise: NEVER lose your parking stub! After parking for 1/2 hr, I was charged 18 dollars!! to get out. Yes, you heard right and yes I gave them a piece of my mind. I nearly broke threw the automated gate I was so livid! Of course the stub was found a couple hours later in the bottom of my purse; but I had been too frazzled to see it when the caravan was taking off without me. ANY-hoo……Here are some pictures of the celebration once we reuinted and decided to order pizza instead 🙂 Sarah & Jacob enjoying the view
What can you say?Charles is the actor/comedian in the family and his wife Mindy is a good sport about it 🙂

Best friends reunited. Adam and William struck this pose literally seconds after seeing eacother for the first time in 2 years. William, please don’t make me take it down! It’s hilarious!

Adam was serving a mission in Ohio at the same time and he actually came home on the same day! What are the odds of that? Welcome home boys!

Eligible young bachelor….

Mom has successfully raised 5 kids, sending 4 off on missions and is now enjoying the fruits of her labors with 5 beautiful grandkids. All while looking fabulous.
Taken… I’m suddenly in the mood to watch “Strange Brew”

The B-Slice

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“B-Slice” somehow became what Adam called Brendan every so often.  With Jonathan it was “The Little Man,” with Marissa it was “Baby Doll.”  Sometimes the kids call him “Guyser” as well.  Anyway, Brendan looked awfully cute in is CUTE and CUDDLY teddy bear shirt today.  Adam and I took him into the front yard to take some photos.  He likes to blow raspberries, chew on his hand, and make strange gurgly noises.  But, we were very proud that he could sit up through most of these pictures.  We only had to straighten him up a couple of times through over 100 photos.  Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Cross Country Race

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On September 24th, Jonathan ran in the BYU Triple Crown Elementary School Race.  He ran a mile in a little over 12 minutes.  Adam and I were debating whether or not he would finish because he is our son…and neither of us are athletes of any kind.  We both hate running…or even searching for the remote.  So, we were very proud when he finished and was still breathing.  Jonathan’s school had won the trophy last year…and this year he was able to help bring it back to the school again.  Great job!  Next time we should potty 10 minutes before the race…instead of 30.  We’ll just leave it at that.  Love you Jonathan!


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Sam took this picture of Benjamin when I was in the other room yesterday. I thought it was a cute one. Benjamin is almost 15 months old and has mastered walking in the past few weeks. He is so much like Jordan it’s scary! But of course I love it 🙂 He talks non stop, although it’s in a dialect we’re not familiar with. His favorite thing to do is point to things and say, Dis or Dat (this & that). I think he’s asking what things are. When we tell him, sometimes he’ll try to repeat the word. So far he’s said light, shoe, hug, brother & hot dog. When you’re around him, you either want to eat him, or tickle him. I can hardly stand it. I love my boys so much!

My Big Boy

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Miles had his 2 month checkup yesterday and is doing great. He weighs 13.5 pounds and is in the 90th percentile for height and weight! Dr. Clayton said he has very good eye contact for a baby his age and is very healthy. He wailed quite a lot when he got his shots and has been pretty grumpy since then, but he still smiled for the camera! A funny side note, when the doctor opened Miles’ diaper to check his “boy parts” he peed on Savanna! It was pretty funny!

Double Up!

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So I finally caved in and bought a double stroller! I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. I love walking with the kids, especially now when the weather is so nice. For awhile I put Miles in our single stroller and Savanna sat on top (like on the cup holder area!). It was uncomfortable for her plus is was kind of dangerous! Anyway, after shopping around a lot I chose the Evenflow Take Me Too. I love it! It actually folds up very nicely and fits in our front closet for storage and into the trunk of my car. It was $109.98 (at walmart). It’s definitely not the highest quality one I could have bought but I think it will last just long enough until Savanna decides she is too big for a stroller anyway. I kind of feel like I’m pushing the wagon train when we’re out and it is a little harder to maneuver than the old one, but it is really fun!

The Fall Festival

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The kids’ school had their fall festival on the 19th.  Marissa wanted to ride the horses, so we got in line for that.  Jonathan complained that he didn’t want to ride the horses, he wanted to go into the bounce house.  We told him that we would ride horses first and then walk over there.  Then, however, Marissa’s attention was drawn toward the bounce house.  “I want to go over there!” said Marissa.  We questioned her several times about doing this because last year she left the Fall Festival in tears because she hadn’t had a chance to ride the horses.  We finally said okay and started walking toward the bounce house.  “But I want to ride the horses,” said Jonathan.  Yeah…this is what it’s like to have kids.  So we split up.  The kids also had a good time eating donuts off a string and riding around in golf carts with their teachers.