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Don’t Mess With Me!

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So last weekend my boyfriend, Andy, finally got to take me shooting. (He was going to 2 weeks prior, but I decided to take a hospital trip instead.) We went with his brother (James) and 2 of his friends (Bret and Kara). I had a really good time. It was a little cool, but not too bad. Andy brought plenty of gourds and milk jugs full of water to use as targets. There were quite a few guns there, not that I could tell you what kind they were. I do know there was a shotgun and a handgun, but those weren’t my favorite. (My pictures are totally out of order.)

We set up tons of gourds and jugs out on the land.

James brought an old stove to use for target practice, but we put it to some good use first. Here the guys are disks or whatever they are called.
Kara is attacking the gourds.
Andy is also using the stove. As you can tell, it was already in bad shape.
Boys and their toys!!! However, I like my boy’s toys!
I did get one injury from the handgun, but it was only a broken nail.

Time to actually shoot the stove.

The shotgun had a good kick, so I only shot it about 4 times.

The guns above and below were my favorite. I knocked over quite a few gourds with the baby below. I blew some chunks off the gourds with the one above.

It was quite an exciting day! I really enjoyed shooting with my man and his friends!

Fall Happenings

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Fall has been a lovely season for us so far and a lot has happened so here is an update. Savanna is in pre-school and really enjoying it. She is learning a lot and having fun. The school days seemed so far away when Savanna was a baby and now I can’t believe that next year will be Kindergarten!

The next piece of exciting new is… Miles is potty trained! This is probably only exciting to me, but I hated having two kids in diapers! Miles kept asking to have his diaper off and he was busting out of the size sixes anyway so we gave it a try. I was suprised and proud at how well he did! We all hung out in the bathroom and read books, cleaned up pee and changed underwear about 5 times a day, but after a couple of days he got it pretty good! He still has his accidents of course, but it’s getting better everyday so, WAHOO!

Avery is… Avery! She is cute and crazy and sometimes would still prefer to play at 2 AM instead of sleep, but we love her. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up to stand on everything. Just today she learned to climb up the stairs, as I was vacuuming them! Savanna and Miles can really get her laughing and I look forward to the day when she can really join in with them and play.

This year we did all our traditional Halloween activites, carving pumpkins, Pumpkinland, and trick-or-treating. For the first time ever we went to the trick-or-treat Main Street, it was really crowded but fun. One store on main street was giving out stuffed animals instead of candy and Savanna scored a sweet Care Bear! Then we went to the church’s trunk-or-treat. It was raining and cold so instead of going out to houses as well, we went to Del Taco. Happy Fall!

Kidney Stones

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Last Saturday morning (Oct. 30th) around 8:15 a.m. I was driving around trying to find the church building where I was supposed to meet up with my stake for a stake service project. I couldn’t find the right building (there were too many to choose from), so I decided to just go home. My abdomen was also starting to hurt a little, so I didn’t feel too horrible about not finding the service project. On the drive home the pain got worse. At home I thought it would help to curl up in fetal position, but nothing helped and the pain got worse. I called my mom thinking I had a bladder infection or something. Then I called my boyfriend, Andy, because he is going to pharmacy school and is very knowledgeable about the body. He told me that I probably had an infection, so he was going to come over to take me to Insta Care. It took him a little while, and later he told me that he got a speeding ticket on the way over. (He doesn’t normally speed.) He had to come help me off the bathroom floor since I had vomited a couple of times from the pain. He found me in a cold sweat and I could barely walk.
I think we got to the Insta Care around 9:30. We had to wait about 20-30 minutes before being admitted. Andy helped me fill out the paper work, and then he tried to comfort me while I was in extreme pain. It was so bad that I couldn’t find a comfortable position, and I even laid on the floor in the waiting room. I started throwing up more in a bag, so finally they got me into a room. There I was attended to by a whoopi cushion who told me that I probably had kidney stones. The doctor came in later and said the same thing. After giving a urine sample, they gave me a shot in both of my lower back cheeks (one for the pain and one for the nausea.) They also took a blood sample, which was very messy when the girl took it out. Then they told me that they were going to send me to the hospital next door to have a CT scan. They loaded me up in a wheel chair and took me over.
On the ride over I noticed the medicine starting to take affect. However, I started to get really cold and was shivering uncontrollably. We filled out some more paper work. Then I had to leave Andy to go in for the CT scan. Thankfully they put some warm blankets on me, so that helped some. By the time I was lying on the table, the pain was not that bad. They did a couple scans, but I guess they couldn’t really see the stones. So they had to put an IV in me and put in some contrast to color my kidneys. The technician then left me to do the scan and the pain came back all of a sudden. I was nauseas again as well. The tech came back and gave me a bucket to throw up in. He told me that the contrast was probably making the stone move. The pain subsided after a minute, so we were able to do the CT scan again. He then wheeled me back to the waiting room where we waited for the results. I was also given more warm blankets to stop my shaking. This is when Andy decided to take pictures of me. 30 minutes later I was told that I have 2 kidney stones. The bigger one was at the bottom by the urethra. It was the one blocking the kidney and causing the pain. The other one was at the top of my kidney and shouldn’t cause much problems.

We left the hospital at 12:30 p.m. and went to the store to pick up my medications. I haven’t really been in pain since I was at the hospital. I actually didn’t feel a thing until Sunday night and this morning, but it is really nothing. I don’t feel that much pain. It feels more like a pinch and a little tender. All weekend I was well attended by Andy. He has constantly been making me drink water, and he has been getting everything for me. I’ve been quite drugged up, so I’m sure he has been amused by all my slurring of words and such. I have to say that I’m lucky to have the best boyfriend ever!

I was going to work today, but I figured the slight pinching feeling might mean I’ll pass a stone today. I also decided it was best not to try and teach while I am on pain meds. I did have to go to work this morning to get things ready for a substitute, but now I’m just sitting and waiting. I’ve had many people tell me that passing a stone is worse than childbirth, so it is kind of a scary thing to wait for. But I think the pain medicine will help a lot. Sorry this is so long. If any of it doesn’t make sense, just know that I wrote this while I was drugged up.