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1. when i was a baby i was born. i was born befor my brother ben.i was born in arazona
and in the hospitol arrow mom was born in california. she was born in
the state that was close to arazona
2.when i startid to walk i was so careful with things stuff.sometimes i walkd slow to not let myself fall. i didin`t realey clime things. now im` when i was three i wasint as carfule.when i went to nursery i always was crieing and crieing becase mom woud drop me of at the begening
of nursery. but sometimes i still got hert when i was a babey like little bumbs.

4. as time went by i was growing oldr a little baby was born. his name was ben. my mom and dad and me were happy we had a babey and we were a greate fameily…………………………………………..but.
5. BAM..BOOM when ben was two in a half me and ben always fought.sometimes i wold bug em and then he will hit me back then i wold hit ben with a toy.then me and ben wold get in trobule a-lot.ben wold get a time out. i wold be sent to my room.
and sometimes i get grounded frum the wii.
6.bens birthday was comeing in a long long me mom and dad had to
thingk how we were happy when ben was born.
joshua evan and jacob kailyn came to the party. last time it was abby rohan lily and lots of other kids his age.
7. owen prince came to our house. we know him
becase he went to bens; birthday party

Nice Storm This Morning

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Had a nice storm this morning. I was actually awakened by the sound of yet another alert on my phone because of a server at work having an issue but after I fixed that I noticed it was quite rumbly outside so I opened the windows to watch a bit and the lightning started up.

By the time I realized I should shoot a bit of video or take a picture or two, the most impressive stuff had passed but I managed to catch a bit of good stuff:

This was toward the end of the storm. Getting pictures was really pretty tough, about 99% of them turned out just a black screen.


Lightning at my house!


A little squiggly one


Got lucky on this big one


This video is pretty quick but has some good stuff:

This one is longer and has a good hit at 30 seconds in or so:

This one is good at 1 minute in:

Another shorter one with more stuff happening:


Ah I love a good storm. Fortunately this year has been fairly good for rain compared to some in the past. I was actually surprised the power didn’t go out at any point, though we did have an outage lasting about 6 hours the other day but that wasn’t from a storm. Something at the power company just blew up at 6 in the morning and they didn’t fix it until almost Noon.