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The Wedding

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June 20th has come and gone and my little brother is now married! As weddings go, it was a long, stressful, busy day. The bride and groom both came down with the flu a few days before, and the weather was not cooperative, but we managed to pull it off. The wedding was in Provo canyon and it had been raining on and off all day, so the vision they had for the reception was not to be. We managed to have a short, (but beautiful) ceremony and snap a few pictures before a torrential downpour sent us all running for the pavillion. We tried to have the dinner, but it was raining and the wind was blowing so hard, most people headed for home. We decided to move to the Veterans Hall in Lindon City Park, the very same place where James and I had our wedding luncheon. They managed to get the word out and so many friends and family showed up! It turned out great! Of course, the rain stopped and the sun came back out eventually. I hope they had a good day, at least one filled with memories! Congratulations, and I love you two!

Our South Dakota Vacation

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Here are just a few of the…over 500 photos we took on our vacation.  I figured you didn’t really want to see all of them.  I will scrapbook a nice portion of those.

pict2723This is our family in front of Carhenge…yep Stonehenge made of cars.  Adam was very excited about this site and the kids asked several times during our vacation to go back there.

pict2719Brendan in front of Carhenge.

pict2752Our family in front of Mount Rushmore.  I was so excited to be back here.  I came with my family when I was about Jonathan’s age I think.  It was gorgeous.  We went to the night presentation where they lit up the mountain.  We were able to visit the visitor’s center and even walk the trail below the mountain to see the sculptor’s studio.

pict2813We saw lots and lots of wildlife on our drives.  We saw buffalo, deer, squirrels, prairie dogs and even mountain goats.  But, my favorite were the burros.  They work in pairs to block the movement of your car while the other goes to ask for food at the window. Eventually they were both at our window enjoying our red licorice.


100_6187Our family was lucky enough to dress up and have over 60 pictures taken of us as cowboys.  The kids loved it.  We had a lot of fun together and made some memories.  These pictures will be really fun to scrapbook.  I thought Brendan was awfully cute in his beaver hat.

pict2945The weather was pretty cloudy and rainy the whole time we were there, but it let up for one nice sunny day.  We hurried to the alpine slide and took a couple trips down the mountain.  It was lots of fun.  Brendan sat with Mom and then with Dad at the base of the mountain.  He sat down on a stump and waved at the people sliding past.

pict2984Here we are at the Badlands.  Very beautiful landscape.  The kids enjoyed learning about fossils and seeing the wildlife.

pict3117Of course we had to go see Devil’s Tower.  It was amazing!  We showed the kids “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” just a few days before we left.  They were convinced that around every turn they would see an alien ship.  It was very cute.  I love experiencing things with my kids!