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Jonathan is a Peasant

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Jonathan had the assignment of making a castle out of anything he wanted.  We started making it out of legos, and it became apparent very quickly that we would have to buy a lot more legos.  So, I suggested asking Uncle James to help.  Jonathan became very excited at the thought of being able to weld again with “Uncle Bob.”  So, we sent him off to spend some time with James.  Jonathan was able to design the castle, cut the metal, use an electric drill….and watch his uncle light the whole thing on fire for fun.  You never know what fun you’ll have when you get together with James in the garage.  Anyway, Jonathan was assigned to dress up as a peasant.  He decorated his castle with medieval people and took it to school.  Everyone was very impressed.



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Halloween is getting more and more fun each year! With the kids getting older it is so fun to experience the holiday through their eyes. This year I had planned to have both the kids dress up as crayons, but Savanna decided she wanted to be a fairy and the duck costume I bought a few years ago fit Miles pretty well so it all worked out. We went to the ward trunk or treat then headed out around the neighborhood as well. Miles was thrilled when he discovered what trick or treating was. Everytime someone put candy in his bag he said “oh!” and gave them a huge smile. Savanna had so much fun and would have probably gone all night if we let her. When we got home Savanna dumped out her candy and was admiring it. James said he couldn’t believe that he had a kid old enough to do that and it brought back a lot of memories. All night I kept thinking about the fact that next year we will have three kids to take out!

Halloween Fun!

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All of us dressed up this year and went to the mall to trick or treat.  Before we left, we took some family pictures on the porch.  Brendan cried through all of them.  But, when he saw a cat run by our house, all the tears dried up.  We went store to store to trick or treat, and then we went to the ward trunk or treat.  The day before, Jonathan and Marissa had school Halloween parties.  This year Marissa decided to be Jessie from Toy Story 2…mostly because she says she wishes Jessie was her real name and not Marissa.  Jonathan wanted to be Batman from the Dark Knight movie.  This is kind of humorous since he’s not been allowed to see that film.  Mom deemed it too scary.  Adam and Brendan and I were the three musketeers.  When Jonathan was Brendan’s age, I made these costumes because there were only three of us.  It was fun to go see Grandma and Grandpa Stone and then visit Uncle Jon to see all of his scary decorations.  Needless to say, at the end of the evening, the kids were Halloween-ed out.