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Life as of late

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It’s been awhile since I have posted anything, so here is a little update. Avery is two months old now and is growing fast. She weighs 11 lbs 6 oz now! I had to dig out all of the 3-6 month size clothes of Savanna’s so Avery would have something to wear. I think she is starting to grow out to the colic a little bit, there are more times during the day that she is happy instead of just screaming. She still has a hard time at night, but that is getting better too. She has been smiling a little and definitely getting cuter! When I found out I was pregnant I was terrified, I couldn’t fathom taking care of three kids ages 4 and under. I didn’t think I would ever be able to go anywhere ever again. I have to say, I have surprised myself. It is harder, but we adapt and move on, groceries still have to be bought, doctors appointments have to happen and we still need to have fun, so we figure it out! Savanna has been a good helper and watches out for her brother and sister.  Savanna will be starting pre-school in the fall and I can’t wait. I think it will be so good for her, she needs to be around kids her age and have something to do other than hang around our crazy house! Miles is growing up too, he is such a chatter box! He talks so much and is picking up new words everyday. The other day James had the camera out taking pictures. Miles was reaching for the camera then he blurted out, “Hey! I wanna see the say cheese!”  It was pretty cool.  James has been doing well with the business and a couple of great opportunities just came along so we are happy with that. I am training for the Provo City 5K which will be on May 1st. It’s the same 5K I ran with my sister-in-law Trish last year and we are doing it together again. I really enjoy running and it is great with helping to lose the baby weight! All in all we are happy, life is busy and I never imagined I would have 3 kids in four years, but that’s where we are and I like it!

Brendan’s Birthday!!!

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Brendan had a good second birthday today.  He got a donut with candles for breakfast.  Then we went to PetSmart where he marveled at the fish, birds, lizards, hamsters, dogs and cats.  Then we went to a playground and played on the toys.  After that, we had lunch at Wendy’s.  When I got home from work, we had dinner and then he got a chocolate cupcake with candles for dessert.  Then we revealed the present…a Woody with a pullstring.  A huge grin spread across his face.  What a success!






Marissa’s Classic Skating Party

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Marissa had her 7th birthday party today.  She wanted to go to Classic Skating.  They now let you use scooters as well as skates.  She invited some friends from the ward, from school and some of her cousins…and of course her brother.  They played red light, green light.  They played “wipeout.”  Classic even announced her name over the speaker and had her stand in a spotlight to announce her birthday.  Everyone there sang happy birthday to her.  Her grin was enormous.  Her grin makes me smile even more lately since she’s lost her front two teeth.  The kids had pizza, ice-cream and pop.  They skated, played video games, bought toys with their tickets and opened presents.  I think it was a success.




Easter at Home

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I got all of the kids a shirt for Easter.  Brendan got a Buzz Lightyear shirt, Jonathan received a Transformers shirt and Marissa got a pretty pink sparkly shirt.  It was very girly.  The kids hunted for eggs with their wheelbarrows.  I had a wheelbarrow when I was little instead of an Easter basket, and we have carried on that tradition at our house.  Brendan had orange and yellow eggs, Marissa could hunt for pink and purple and Jonathan sought out blue and green ones.  Brendan was not very interested until I opened one of the eggs and showed him what was inside.  Then he was all for it.  They had a good time.



Brendan’s Birthday Party at Nana’s

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Brendan has recently turned a little of his love for the movie Cars to the movie Toy Story.  He calls Buzz “Buh” and Woody, “Hat.”  He didn’t pay attention to our toy Woody until he realized that he had a hat that could come on and off.  On Wednesday, for his birthday, Adam and I are giving him a Woody with a PULLSTRING!  I know…exciting.  Anyway, for Easter, he received a Buzz Lightyear shirt.  He thought it was amazing.  Lindsey bought him some Buzz pajamas and a Cars flashlight.  She also made him mud pies with rocks for his birthday desert.




Easter at Nana’s

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Saturday night, we had Easter at Nana’s house.  There were so many eggs in their front room.  The kids had a great time finding them and mostly eating them.  Jonathan, Marissa, Brendan, Savanna and Miles all hunted for eggs.




Why Cory Doctorow Won’t Be Buying an iPad, and Neither Should You.

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Jobs inverted

So I read an interesting bit this morning on the iPad and it struck me as pretty much spot on.

If you take a moment to read it you’ll probably find it interesting if you have any interest in software, computers, digital media, etc. Basically the gist of it is this: buying products like the iPad and even the iPhone/iPod is bad for open software development and open distribtution of content/information.

Basically the arguement is that as Apple tightens the screws on who can develop and distribute what and how on their very successful hardware platforms, people lose the ability to truly choose how they use the devices and software they buy, and since Apple even controls what applications are allowed to be developed and distributed on the iPhone/iPod/iPad, they can keep you from ever even having a chance to install a program you want, or even keep it from ever existing in any usable fashion.

To me that is a bit over the top really.


Oh, in case you are wondering, this is Cory Doctorow.