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Happy Birthday Miles!

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I can’t believe my baby boy is a year old already! We celebrated with family, he got way too many toys and ate way too much cake, but you only have your first birthday once right? Also, I guess we should tell everybody our big news, we are expecting our third child in February! It came as quite a surprise to us let me tell you! In fact, we had just had a discussion about when/if we would have more kids and came to the decision that we would wait 3 or 4 years and have a third, then surprise! We’re pregnant! It just goes to show you that some things are just out of your hands! I think I am finally over the shock of the whole thing and starting to get excited! p.s. Ronda, if you are reading this, I guess I will have to get my maternity clothes back!

Fourth of July

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Every year we have a tradition of going to the balloon launch early in the morning and then to a park to eat breakfast. This year was really fun because Miles was out there with us instead of in my belly like last year! Savanna was really excited about the balloons and kept talking about them all day. Her favorites were the pig and the muffin bear, which was actually Smoky the Bear, but to a three year old his at looked like a muffin, so there you go. Breakfast at the park was great, we had yummy Gandalfo’s sandwiches and Savanna picked out Cheetos to go with them! We played until it got too hot (for James) then went home for a nap! Later on we went swimming with my mom, Charles, and Trish. We didn’t get any pictures, but had a good time. Then for dinner we went to James’ parents house for a very yummy barbecue and fireworks. Savanna and Miles also got a turn to ride on “Bowskie”. If was a very long, but very fun day.

Fun on the Fourth

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Early on the third we enjoyed the tradition of watching the hot air balloons.  This year, Brendan was much more aware of what was going on…and a Tony the Tiger balloon made an appearance.



On the morning of the fourth, we went to a neighborhood breakfast.  Then we drove over to our church and helped clean, since Adam had volunteered our family to do so.  But, the real fun began at Grandpa Stone’s house.  The kids love Grandma and Grandpa.  They love throwing rocks in the stream behind his house.  And they all have a good time in the hammock.  This year they even had a race to see who could roll down the hill the fastest.  The food and company was great.  So many cousins were there because Jen and Joel were blessing their baby Breanna on July 5th.  We, of course, took some family pictures.






So, there are more pictures.  I will put the rest of them on my facebook page if anyone wants to see them.  The family crazy pictures and the kid crazy-face pictures are worth the time.

Later, we went to Nana and Grandad’s house and the kids were able to ride a horse.  We then had an amazing barbeque…where it is our family’s tradition to pretend like we didn’t just have dinner at Grandpa’s.  So, we ate dinner again.  Then we went out front and set off fireworks and the kids played with glow sticks.  It was a beautiful day.