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Two Weeks in Tennessee!

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I just got back from my trip to visit Teressa in Tennessee. It was so fun and busy and crazy, I feel like I need a vacation! Our friend Holly is living in Atlanta right now and she came up to visit with us for a few days, so between my two kids, Holly’s one, and Teressa’s three, we had a full house! It was a great time to catch up with my best friends and have our kids get to know each other. We were busy the whole time so I will just relate some of the highlights! The first Saturday we were there we went to Strawberry Jam, a festival at a  strawberry farm where you pick your own strawberries to purchase. The kids had a great time, we sloshed through the mud, stuffed our faces with yummy, fresh as you can get strawberries, and left with two huge boxes of fruit! They also had farm animals there for the kids to pet, Savanna was the brave one and fed the horses! A country band was playing music and I really felt like I was welcomed to the south! We also took a trip to the Nashville Zoo. The best part of the zoo was the awesome playground. They had a big padded area for babies to crawl around in and a huge wood playground with tunnels and rope courses and all kinds of fun stuff! We spent some time on base at Fort Campbell, we saw some army aircraft they had on display and a neat museum with history of the base. The 101st Airborne Div. was started there and they had the actual city sign from Bastogne that they took when it was captured! Pretty awesome if you are a Band of Brothers fan! A water park called Nashville Shores was our last big event. It is on the shores of a big lake and they have water slides, pools, etc, but you can also swim in the lake, ride water skis and banana boats and all kinds of fun stuff. Of course we spent the majority of the time at the 1ft deep kiddie pool! I didn’t get too many pictures, it seemed like with all those kids to watch over I never had time to pull out the camera, but I got a few. Thanks Teressa for letting us crash in on your life for 2 weeks! And thanks to James for giving me the opportunity to spend time with my other best friend!

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