Jonathan’s Science Fair Project

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Jonathan entered the science fair in his school on February 2nd.  He did an amazing job with his project.  He proved that not only an Idaho potato could power a clock, but also a red potato and a sweet potato could as well.  He peeled them all and it still powered the clock.  Then he cooked them all, and it still powered the clock.  Then we made mashed potatoes…and it STILL powered the clock.  Jonathan and I had a good time and we laughed that the mashed potatoes worked.  Then we called Uncle Andy who explained to us why our experiment worked.  Jonathan learned that the potato needed water and could not power the clock without it.  Thus, dried potato flakes would not power the clock.  Jonathan did an excellent job explaining the process to the three judges that visited his project and could tell them all about the acid inside the potato.  I was very proud of him.

A big shout out to all of my sixth graders who did an excellent job on their projects as well.  Thanks for always making me feel needed and happy.


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