Brendan’s B-Day Dinner

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Today was Brendan’s first birthday!  This morning I took him to Target to get his picture taken and he was such a doll.  He had a new outfit from Grandma that had a little golf hat.  He would rip that hat off as fast as I could get it on.  But, the photographer amazingly snapped a few really cute photos before he ripped it off a few times.  I will post those pictures when I get them.  But, for Brendan’s dinner, Adam bought finger food.  We had cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, tater tots and cheetos.  I know… anyway, for desert we had tiny ice cream balls, and a cupcake.  Brendan had a really good time eating at the table with all of us.  We stripped him down to his diaper for the cupcake with his initial on it.  The look on his face when Jonathan handed it to him was priceless.  Strange, we did this exact same thing with Jonathan…and now he’s the one handing Brendan the cupcake.  Needless to say, after he finished, we had to put Brendan straight into the bath and clean the kitchen!


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