Provo City 5K

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Saturday April 4th I ran my first 5K! I ran with Trisha, my brothers girlfriend and my good friend. About a month ago we decided we wanted to run one and we found out about this one and signed up. We trained together to get ready, going running around my neighborhood until we got up to 3 miles. It was very cold and snowing a little bit, but it was so much fun! The race started at the Provo Tabernacle, went down University Ave, around the mall, looped around to Freedom Blvd and back down Center St to the Tabernacle. This was the first time I have ever ran a 5K so I was happy about my time, 36 mins. What I am most proud of is that I did the whole run without walking. We are going to do more throughout the summer and I want to try to beat my time. I am really glad I did it, it was so much fun and I felt a great sense of accomplishment! Yay Trish! Can’t wait for the next one!

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