So I Went Shooting With 2 of My Brothers.

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This past Saturday (May 15th 2010) I finally had some time and wasn’t on call for work so I went with my brothers Andy and James to do some recreational target practice.

We gathered up their weapons and a bunch of junk to shoot and headed out of town to the West and found a nice place past a town dump to do some shooting against a nice hill side. Seems we weren’t the only ones either because the ground was littered with shells and brass from previous shooters and we saw a few other groups out doing some shooting as well. We made sure to move a way past anyone else to somewhere nice and isolated.

I don’t own any guns myself so I was basically shooting their guns as I had a turn but there was plenty of ammo and plenty of guns to go around so it was really enjoyable and the weather was great, 70 to 75 degrees all afternoon.

I even got a bit sunburned for the first time this year. We ended up spending almost 5 hours relaxing and shooting and moving junk around to serve as targets (old montors, water bottles, assorted bits of junk and some clay pigeons).

Fortunately I remembered to bring my camera and got a few good pictures and videos.

Before we left, James’s son helped us get the water bottles and stuff ready and loaded.

My nephew helped with the water bottles and stuff

We put all the stuff in James’s truck and headed out around Noon.

We loaded up the truck and headed out

It was a nice drive out. We stopped for some supplies; Andy got a bag of licorice and James got some trail mix. I got some snap peas and carrots. Mmm. The drive was about 20 minutes.

The view on the way out

Once we got to where we wanted to shoot it was nice and warm and sunny, just a light breeze.

The view from where we ended up

You could tell it was a popular spot for shooting; plenty of evidence on the ground.

Evidence of previous outings

Here are the weapons involved: James’s .22 Rifle with scope…

The .22 rifle with big scope

James and Andy’s 12 Gauge shotguns…

A couple of 12 Gauge shotguns

James’s Benelli shotgun…

A Benelli shotgun

Andy’s SKS…


Andy’s .45 model 1911…

The .45 1911

and James’s AK-47 Pistol…

The AK47

I took a turn with the .45 pistol first. It was really cool. A very nice pistol.

I shot Andy's .45

James took a few turns with the pistol as well. He was much more accurate with it than I.

James had some fun with the .45 as well

I was able to pour my wrath and hatred into the PowerMac James got somewhere.

I think I injured the Mac

Here’s Andy shooting his SKS and actually aiming at stuff.

Andy did some interesting stuff with his SKS. He was quite proficient with it.

Andy did something pretty amazing with his SKS

Here is a video of Andy bump firing the SKS.

Heh, this was pretty fun. I got to take a turn with the AK-47. The feel was a bit off at first because I had not adjusted the sling so it felt like it was too far away from my body.

James is a bit more comfy with the AK-47 than I am.

We finished up with some skeet shooting. James and Andy were really good. I did alright at first but I was getting a bit worn out and sunburned at this point so I think we all wrapped up after a few rounds.

Did a bit of skeet target practice

At the end of the afternoon we had made a good mess and had a good time.

Last view of the toys at the end

It was a fun day with great weather and good fun. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

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