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It’s been a little while since my last post so I am just going to update a little bit. Our family had a great Christmas but I was not on top of things and didn’t get any pictures, so I will just leave it at that, Christmas was great! We also had a fun New Years’ Eve spending the night with some good friends, also no pictures! Avery has starting walking and looks so cute and little toddling around the house all day. Last night we celebrated Savanna’s 5th birthday! We had family over and ate home made pizza and store bought cake and ice cream. Savanna helped decorate the whole house and she was so excited to have a party. When it was time to open presents she asked me if she could open the first one. I told her she got to open all of them because it was her birthday. Each time after opening a present she asked me if any of the other presents were hers, I kept having to explain to her that all the presents were in fact for her. It was cute, I guess some confusion comes with having your birthday so close to Christmas. I did get some pictures of the birthday girl!

Here are some random pictures, including the kids holding the giant icicle that grew on the front of our house and James’ football thumb.

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