Necklace Organizer

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Over Christmas break, my sister and I were looking at ways to make necklace organizers. We were looking for her, but once I saw some ideas, I wanted to make one too. I forgot to take pictures along the way, but I will still explain how to make one.
You will need a plaque or a piece of wood, paint, scrapbook paper, mod podge, ribbon, door knobs, a drill and a seesaw hook. Paint the wood, and then mod podge an assortment of scrapbook paper on the front. After it all dries, you can mod podge some ribbon around the edges or even between the different paper. Then you will want to decide where you want your door knobs placed. Drill the holes, and then screw in the door knobs. You will also want to attach a seesaw hook to the back, so that you can hang it on the wall.

Andy actually helped me with this craft. He picked out the ribbon, provided the drill, and drilled the holes for me. I did drill a couple of holes, but he is the one that really did it. Then we put in the door knobs together.

Here it is when it was first completed.

Now, this is what it looks like on my bathroom wall. It coordinates perfectly with the shower curtain and towels!
This was such a fun and easy project! Trish, too bad we didn’t get to do our projects together, but I think it is cool that we both still did them.

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