Spring and Spaghetti!

originally posted at http://mommychevon.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-and-spaghetti.html

Ahh! Is it finally here? Spring? Although today out my window it is terrible gloomy and threatening to rain, spring is coming! It is something that, as moms, we cannot wait for because spring means getting out of our crowded house, and it also means that wonderful summer is coming right up. Last week we had three glorious days of sunshine in a row and we spent each one of them at the park. The kids were so happy to be outside, Miles did not stop running the entire time! Avery ran all over too, trying to keep up with her big brother and sister. I know that in the middle of April when my yard is covered in snow after one of those wonderful Utah spring storms, I will not be so happy, but for now, I am!
And now for the spaghetti. The kids love spaghetti and it is such and easy meal to make. However, not so easy to clean up!

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