Don’t Mess With Me!

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So last weekend my boyfriend, Andy, finally got to take me shooting. (He was going to 2 weeks prior, but I decided to take a hospital trip instead.) We went with his brother (James) and 2 of his friends (Bret and Kara). I had a really good time. It was a little cool, but not too bad. Andy brought plenty of gourds and milk jugs full of water to use as targets. There were quite a few guns there, not that I could tell you what kind they were. I do know there was a shotgun and a handgun, but those weren’t my favorite. (My pictures are totally out of order.)

We set up tons of gourds and jugs out on the land.

James brought an old stove to use for target practice, but we put it to some good use first. Here the guys are disks or whatever they are called.
Kara is attacking the gourds.
Andy is also using the stove. As you can tell, it was already in bad shape.
Boys and their toys!!! However, I like my boy’s toys!
I did get one injury from the handgun, but it was only a broken nail.

Time to actually shoot the stove.

The shotgun had a good kick, so I only shot it about 4 times.

The guns above and below were my favorite. I knocked over quite a few gourds with the baby below. I blew some chunks off the gourds with the one above.

It was quite an exciting day! I really enjoyed shooting with my man and his friends!

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