Fall Happenings

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Fall has been a lovely season for us so far and a lot has happened so here is an update. Savanna is in pre-school and really enjoying it. She is learning a lot and having fun. The school days seemed so far away when Savanna was a baby and now I can’t believe that next year will be Kindergarten!

The next piece of exciting new is… Miles is potty trained! This is probably only exciting to me, but I hated having two kids in diapers! Miles kept asking to have his diaper off and he was busting out of the size sixes anyway so we gave it a try. I was suprised and proud at how well he did! We all hung out in the bathroom and read books, cleaned up pee and changed underwear about 5 times a day, but after a couple of days he got it pretty good! He still has his accidents of course, but it’s getting better everyday so, WAHOO!

Avery is… Avery! She is cute and crazy and sometimes would still prefer to play at 2 AM instead of sleep, but we love her. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up to stand on everything. Just today she learned to climb up the stairs, as I was vacuuming them! Savanna and Miles can really get her laughing and I look forward to the day when she can really join in with them and play.

This year we did all our traditional Halloween activites, carving pumpkins, Pumpkinland, and trick-or-treating. For the first time ever we went to the trick-or-treat Main Street, it was really crowded but fun. One store on main street was giving out stuffed animals instead of candy and Savanna scored a sweet Care Bear! Then we went to the church’s trunk-or-treat. It was raining and cold so instead of going out to houses as well, we went to Del Taco. Happy Fall!

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