Little Treasures

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Ok, originally I wanted to do two blog’s. One for all the family events and cute pics of my kids, and one to chronicle the ever changing job of being a mom and the thoughts and ideas I have on this subject. But, because I am busy being right in the middle of the mom job, I don’t have time and/or space in my mind to remember two blogs, so this is my mega insightful mothering thoughts/brag about my cute kids blog. This post will be a mommy thought.
One thing I say a lot is this- even on my worst day, I love being a mom. A thought occurred to me once that while I was stressed, ornery, extremely sleep deprived, tired of counting to three, and covered in stretch marks, this is exactly what I always wanted. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a mom. I would play mommy all the time, taking care of my baby dolls and once my mom helped me make a bag of rice into a baby (it was heavy like a real baby and the crinkly noise the bag made reminded me of a diaper ). I went through a phase in my late teens where I wanted to be a business women and keep my own last name, but that was short lived. When I got married I began to pray that James and I would be able to have children, that it would come easily for us and we wouldn’t run into complications. Boy, that was one prayer that was definitely answered! The point is, I love my kids, I love being a mom, and now that they are growing up so fast I am making a real effort to treasure them and the moments I have with them. Some days when I wish they would just play by themselves so I can get something done I try really hard to think of this: someday this situation will be reversed and I will be begging them to play with me.

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