Kindergarten Graduation

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Remember all those posts I had last summer that talked about how sad I was that Savanna was starting kindergarten? That in no way compares to how sad I am that she has just finished kindergarten. I was driving home from picking up some dinner the other night and pretty much started crying when I drove by the school, yeah I know, lame. Sometimes I cannot handle the fact that all my kids are growing up so fast. First grade already, come on! She had a very adorable graduation program and I was crying there too. They sang songs and acted out some stories. They sang “If We Hold on Together”, you know that super emotional song from The Land Before Time? I know you know what I’m talking about! I was bawling. Anyway… it was very cute. Her teacher was very sweet and made predictions on what all the kids would be when they grew up. She said Savanna would be the president of Halmark because she is always making cards for her and the kids in class. She does that at home too, I have stacks and stack of homemade cards from her! I got a few good pictures, doesn’t she look so old? Crazy. Although it makes me sad that she is so old, first grade will be good for her. She loves school and kind of gets stir crazy hanging around here all the time. Until then I will have to keep her busy all summer, should be fun!

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