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Does anyone read Nienie Dialogues? I entered an essay contest she was having about motherhood. I didn’t win, wasn’t even a finalist, but I thought my essay should be published somewhere so I put it on the blog. Enjoy!

Motherhood to me is the complete sacrificing of ones self for another, your child. Six years ago when I was thrown into the joy of motherhood, the thing that surprised me most was that nothing, I mean nothing, in my life would ever be the same. Gone were the days of leaving the house on a whim.  Gone were the days of leisurely eating a meal. Gone were the days of taking a shower when I wanted to. Gone were the days of sleeping in, or sleeping at all for that matter!  Baby runs the show now and things were done on her schedule. As a new mom, this completely overwhelmed me! I couldn’t believe that this tiny person had total control over everything I did.  I scrambled around those first few months, trying to get a handle on this new life where most everything I did was for someone else. Then something astonishing happens. Everything flips on its end and suddenly you can’t imagine a world without this tiny person. The idea of being able to shower at your convenience seems insignificant. Sleeping straight through the night isn’t necessary anymore. Your mind and body is growing and changing to be able to fully and completely take care of your baby. Here are the days of eating your breakfast while nursing your baby, hoping you don’t spill on her! Here are the days of peeking out of the shower curtain every two minutes to make sure she is still in her swing. Here are the days filled with delight over the countless new things she can do. Here are the days of rocking her to sleep, then keeping her in your arms. A memory I return to for peace during one of life’s many storms. Here are the days of Motherhood. You realize that you would gladly go without so your child won’t have to. You watch yourself become a protector while you watch your baby take her first steps. You begin to crave being with your children, a moment alone is lonely. Your life is so fulfilled with nurturing and being with your children. What an amazing gift it is to be able to experience life through your child’s eyes. To teach and to do for them is what makes you happy; to give is the only fulfilling thing anymore. To be able to make my child laugh and see on their face that they are happy is worth any amount of work or sacrificing I may have to do.  Motherhood is sacrificing yourself for another, and in return having your cup runneth over with love and fulfillment. Motherhood is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth.

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